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Are the bags new?

The bags are not new but we make sure they are  in ‘like-new’ condition. If you have any doubts regarding the condition of the bags, we are more than happy to send you additional photos or video of the bag you are interested to rent 😉


How do I know the bags are authentic?

We guarantee all items are authentic! We use the best tool in the whole world to authenticate items: ‘entrupy’. We also have our own experts who check all items before and after rentals. If you ever find a fake bag we won’t only refund you but we will also pay you the full price of that bag! No questions asked!


What if I accidentally damage a bag?

Worry not! We’ ve got you covered. Any minor damages are covered by our insurance company. For your peace of mind, when you go to the check out, you always pay $10 on top of the rental price. However, in case you completely damage or lose the items, you will have to pay for their replacement. Please see our terms and conditions. 99% of our renters returned the bags in excellent condition. Please treat the bags as if they were yours 🙂


Can I rent out my bags?

Sure! We are constantly looking for new bags. You can actually make serious money and generate a new revenue stream by renting out your bags, much like you are renting out your room. You can start here

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